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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Off

I went to the Prairieland Museum Show in Jacksonville with my dad. We met in Litchfield and I took him on a scenic tour. We drove past the Longwall subsided land in the area of Gillespie Country Club.

The show was much bigger than I remember from when we lived there. It was very crowded and lots of junk to see. The were serving a Ham and Bean Dinner and ran out before 1 o'clock. we were waiting in line when they ran out. We watched a bit of the Lawn Tractor pull and later the tractor parade and the antique tractor pull. An old friend won first place in his class. I said hi to him and I think he knew me, but we did not get to talk. On the way home I took Dad past Johnson Grain and Lowder elevator. I think he found that stuff interesting too. Lots of corn stored on the ground in Greenfield and Waverly, but I think I have seen both places have more than today.

It looks like harvest is about 80% complete over all in our area. Very few crops were in the field between Woodson and Franklin.

Still Dry

Working in Eastern Montgomery County, where it is very dry. Some wheat was being sowed. Not the worst thing I suppose, as it will not germinate until it gets some rain. Soybeans are not yielding well.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Greene County

Today took me to Eastern Greene County. There is some corn yet to be shelled, but I estimate at least 80% done between Hillsboro and there. There was enough moisture in the soil that probing was ok for the most part, but still dry. There is no subsoil moisture close at all. I saw a tank of 28% Nitrogen being towed past where I was working. It is much much too early to apply any Nitrogen. Our experience has shown that fall applied Nitrogen is not a good idea this far south and certainly is not a good idea in September.


Rain finally came. Hah! only a tenth or two. The moisture penetrated about 2 inches. Well at least it is cooler.

I drove about 10 miles till I saw some unharvested corn. Hard to believe that harvest is winding down. There are still some very green double crop soybeans, but it is still early for them.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Worked in Eastern Montgomery Co and In the Staunton Area. Most of the corn is harvested. Some are starting to sow wheat, but it is early for that. Soil is still extremely dry. My body is taking a pounding from how hard it its to push the probe in. Sometimes I am using a hammer. Now would be a very good time to do deep tillage unless we get a lot of rain.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Post

I plan to post daily. As a consulting soil scientist who spends time in the field I want to record where I have been and what I have seen in somewhat general terms. Client names and exact locations will not be revealed. The past week my travels have taken me all over what could be called west central Illinois.

On Monday September 17 I was in Greenfield where corn harvest is well under way and many farmers were starting on soybeans. Soils were dry.

On Tuesday I travelled to Windsor, IL. Soil moisture was not too bad and harvest was progressing well.

On Wednesday, I travelled tot he Quad Cities area. West and North of Peoria, corn harvest was not as far along as points further south. I did not make and moisture observations, but was told that moisture in the area was very good.

On Thursday, I was back in the Greenfield area. A soybean field had been partly burned in the area. This is the fourth crop fire of the season that I know of. Low humidity, wind, and dry soils and crops have made fire much more of a hazard than we are generally accustomed to in the Midwest.

Friday I was west of Meredosia. Corn harvest is probably over half done with soybeans getting started.

Saturday was spent east of Hillsboro. Corn harvest is probably 75% complete and soils were very dry.

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