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About my blog

This blog is dedicated to observations I am able to make and comment on in my travels as a soil consultant. That will continue to be my primary focus. For reference, travels take me from Quincy, IL to Springfield, IL and points south. Most of our work is west of I- 55, but we have some acreage to sample east of Hillsboro. I go as far south as Red Bud, IL and Columbia, IL and we have a growing clientele in West Alton, MO. I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in crop production in my area. Occasionally I travel to other places for business or personal reasons and I pass along my observations in those areas as well.

When I am working in the field, my blogs may not be posted till late in the evening. I post photos as I am able. I am a documentation photographer, not an artist. If you visit once a day I hope to have something new for you each day. When I am in the field, I post to twitter as appropriate. My tweets are shown to the right through the day as soon as they are posted to twitter. On office days, I try to give timely advice and opinions. I sometimes post links to other sites when I think they do a good job of their explanations.

Photos are considered copyrighted and as such are my property.  Please ask permission before using them.