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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Corn Crop

This photo sums up this year's corn crop. Very uneven and lots of drowned spots.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Trip

I travelled to Dearborn MI the past week to attend the annual meeting of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. I followed I-70 to I-75 on the way out there. Once in Indiana Crops Generallly looked better than in Illinois although not as far along as they should be. On the way home, I followed a route that took me past Cabella's in Southern Michigan. I then dropped down to US 24 to Fort Wayne and to Indianapolis. ON that route, crops looked a lot like Illinois. In other words, uneven corn and late beans. Wheat Harvest was just beginning in Northern Ohio and Michigan.

The meeting was good for the most part, although a session on Ecological Site Descriptions left me thinking this something to keep government employees busy. A session on pollinators was wonderful. Next year is in St. Louis, so I hope to be able to attend.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Growing Season

The growing season continues to be problematic for South Central and West South Central IL. THursday I was in St. Clair and MOnroe Counties. The surface soil was dry I suspect because of weeds. A rain would be good there. Planting was stillunderway for soybeans. First crop and double crop beans are being planted at the same time. Sampled some corn in the 5 leaf stage. The stand was excellent, but probably planted too late for top yields. Most corn is very uneven at best.

Friday we were still sampleing wet ground in Staunton area. It looked like everything was planted. Some of the double crop had just been done the day before. I hope today's rain does not get things too wet down there again.

Wheat stubble sampled very nicely because of the excess moisture.