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Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Trip

I travelled to Dearborn MI the past week to attend the annual meeting of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. I followed I-70 to I-75 on the way out there. Once in Indiana Crops Generallly looked better than in Illinois although not as far along as they should be. On the way home, I followed a route that took me past Cabella's in Southern Michigan. I then dropped down to US 24 to Fort Wayne and to Indianapolis. ON that route, crops looked a lot like Illinois. In other words, uneven corn and late beans. Wheat Harvest was just beginning in Northern Ohio and Michigan.

The meeting was good for the most part, although a session on Ecological Site Descriptions left me thinking this something to keep government employees busy. A session on pollinators was wonderful. Next year is in St. Louis, so I hope to be able to attend.

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