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Saturday, May 23, 2009


It looks like we may be done sampling early planted corn. There is still lots of corn to plant, but I think we are done with any that was planted before May 10 or so. The soil is still very moist although it looks dry and dusty on top. I found cutworms again today. Found out they had already been sprayed so it should be no problem.

People are still putting on Nitrogen. The price was so high last fall they waited. That is good anyway because it goes away. However, Nitrogen applied at this time of year can be at a lower rate. Anything over 150 lb per acre is probably overkill.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So this is why I am blogging. I worked from Edwardsville to Virden , IL today. Saw cutworm damage in Edwardsville and Staunton. One field had enough damage to spray. The farmer had already treated his seed to protect against cutworms and was disappointed that he might need to do more. Soil was over moist, but not saturated in most areas. Virden area was wetter.

I can't believe I did not blog for 10 days, but the weather was pretty negative so i just chose to say nothing. Weather should be good and maybe we can get most of the corn planted this week. Some are looking to plant beans soon too. I was on my first planted bean field yesterday.

I noticed a fertilizer dealer who had a fungicide plot on wheat ground. That should make interesting results.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Better weather

The rain seems to have let up a bit. We have worked 4 days so far this week. Some corn is planted, but much to be done too. Today I saw a field with a spray truck spraying, a dry fertilizer wagon spreading, and Anhydrous being applied. Now if we can just luck out and miss the rain in the forecast. Today was the first day that I have seen a lot oaf people working. Still lots of Nitrogen to apply. IT was too expensive last fall. Fall applied is a bad idea in our area anyway. We are caught up or ahead of most of the corn planted. We already have a few scratched off the list.

Friday, May 1, 2009


We have only worked one day - Wednesday in the field this week. IT was too wet to plant, but sampled well. State Journal Register says corn planting is behind last year. That is hard to believe. Last year I was at 0 acres for the spring at this time. I have covered about 4000 right now. Hoping for a good break in the rain next week.