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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Corn Progress

Early corn is starting to grow very fast. Some fields are looking excellent if the planting timing was just right. One field I looked at had part of the corn planted one day later than the other part. The corn planted a day earlier looked much better. Immediate rain probably inhibited germination in the other part of the field. I have seen more corn replanted this year than in many years past. The shallowest of depressions are not germinating.

Early corn is at a stage when it seems it can grow a foot overnight. We are still sampling corn although we have done lots of bean ground too. I have one farm to nitrogen sample. His corn is still very small. showers this week are a bit lighter and more scattered. IT would appear that most corn is planted at least for the first time. Everyone seems to be working on soybeans if they are able to do field work. THe farm I worked on yesterday is the first I have been on where they are finished planting. I think one farm I worked today was finished as well. but I did not sample the whole thing.

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