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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soil Web

The SoilWeb App for smartphones has been around for a at least 2 years.  It takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of the smartphone to give you an almost instant idea of what soil type you are standing on or driving over.  It is only as accurate as the soil survey, but it might useful to help you recognize possible soil problems or issues. 

The SoilWeb Data is also available for Google Earth on your desktop or laptop computer.  The cool thing about having the data on google earth is that it is easy to use by panning across the landscape.  When you stop, give it a minute catch up.  Clicking on the labels will give you additional information about the soil types you are interested in.  Another great feature is that you can overlay the soils on aerial photographs taken on different dates to see how the soil lines match up with photographic tones.  The website link above also has additional information about this application that you might find interesting. 

These applications do require an internet connection to be fully functional. 

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