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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corn Silking

This corn is located between Carlinville and Litchfield.  It was planted on March 13 and is now silking and tasseling.  I could smell the pollen in the air.  I have been watching this field all growing season.  The idea of planting in Mid-March was to beat an anticipated drought.  I also drove past a very early field between Raymond and Nokomis.  It is not as far along or as even as this field, although it was about half tasseled.  On average corn should be mature about 60 days after silking, so harvest on this field could be mid-August. 

Fields were looking a little more perky this morning after yesterday's rain.  We need more rain to keep the yeild potential up.  An area south of Witt looked to be very wet.  Some areas were already dry on top.

The above corn is furthest along in our area.  We have late and replant corn as small as 5 leaf stage. 

I did a deep boring in a grassy area this morning.  There is good moisture about 2 feet down.  That is deep for some of the small corn.

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