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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Road Trips

Saturday I went to a meeting in Champaign.  As I head north out of Hillsboro soils were looking very wet.  By the time that I was east of Taylorville, there was not nearly as much water standing in the fields.  Nothing looked dry, there was just not as much surface water.  An interesting side note was that I went past a newly tiled field in the Cerro G0rdo area where the tile were 120 feet apart.  Tile in our area is usually laid on 30 to 40 foot centers because our subsoils are much higher in clay.

Sunday we went south for a family gathering.  Wetness prevailed along I-55 and soil was very soft even walking in the lawn.  It seemed as if there was a bit of frost int the ground.  Things will firm up when the rest of the frost comes out.

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