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Friday, May 8, 2015

Weather and Crop Report

I finally found  a moment to look over this week's weather and crop report.  It seems to be accurate for my area.  WSW. It said as of Sunday 82% of corn was planted.  I would say it was at 100 % now, but I saw an Anhydrous wagon in an unplanted field, so maybe it is 99 %.  Most people in our area have some soybeans planted and some people are finished with soybeans too.  We would have liked to start planting a bit earlier, but everyone seems to have caught a favorable window at this point.

15% in our area were reporting dry topsoil, but I can tell you that I have not bored a dry hole yet.  Some ground that was worked too wet, needed a rain to soften up.  That was even the case in my garden. We have had between a half inch of rain and two inches so far, so we are looking good or slightly wet.  The next window of field work will see most soybeans planted as well.  Conditions should be ideal at that point.

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