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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Farming on July 4

Farmers enjoy a holiday as much as anyone else, but sometime they enjoy it by working. I remember BBQ, family and friends on the 4th, with maybe some beer and soda and fireworks thrown in.  I also remember baling hay, harvesting wheat, baling straw, feeding livestock, gathering eggs, and other farming activities.

Yesterday we enjoyed eating out, visiting relatives, minor league baseball, and Krispie Cream burgers.  Drier weather today gave me  a window to get some more sampling done today. I also saw all of our major ag suppliers out spraying.  Farmers were spraying, harvesting wheat, baling straw, and planting soybeans.  Some of the soybeans were first crop and some double crop. With more rain expected everyone with work to do seemed obligated to do it.

Have a Happy and safe Fourth,

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