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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Farm Progress Show

I spent most of the day on Tuesday at the Farm Progress show in Decatur.  As always there is lots of big equipment to see.  I spent the morning helping out at the soil pit near the conservation tent.  It may surprise some people how many foreign visitors we have for the show.  We had materials in Spanish, Portuguese, and English to hand out.

In the afternoon, I wandered the grounds sort of at random.  The bigger the company, the bigger the tent.  This is the "greatest spectacle in agriculture."  I meandered thru the varied  industry tent.  I visited with  friends, and I looked for "new" stuff.  The Crary wind header system was one of the most interesting products displayed.  It adds wind to reduce header loss.

It was a very hot day, so my favorite display was the misting fan at the AGCO display.  Thanks to all the vendors who had free water.  I drank 6 bottles and only had to pay for one.

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