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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Soybean Harvest in Mato Grosso

By Eduardo Paim:

Here in Mato Grosso harvest began in the fields of soybeans that were irrigated with pivot; the farms that suffered from the dry soy is not ready to be harvested. The month of December 2015 was dry in northern Mato Groso, the states of Bahia, Maranhão and Tocantins. We are returning to have good rains near the beginning of 2016. Now the concern of northern soybean producers in Mato Grosso is whether the rains will be intense and prevent making a good harvest. Yet one can not say that there is a reduction in productivity. In the city of Canarana-MT, today I heard that producers still have finishing planting of soybeans, it is already too late for that!

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