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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Soybean Harvest wrapping up in Brazil

By Eduardo Paim:

Here in Brazil we have 97% of the harvested soybeans, will certainly be a reduction in soybean production, the Brazilian government is saying that we will produce 100 million tons of soy, I do not believe and most producers do not believe! In the states of Bahi, Maranhão, Tocantins, Piaui and northern Mato Grosso drought was very strong and had a lot of productivity reduction. In the state of Piaui reduction comes at 70% for soybeans and 80% for the corn crop. I believe the truth is that Brazil will produce 97 million to 98 million tons of soybeans. For the second crop corn we are having good weather in Brazil and by the time the producers think they will have a normal production on average of 90 bags of maize per hectare.

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