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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Corn Harvest

Last week on my way to Monticello, I passed one elevator that was still moving old corn to open up the storage for the upcoming harvest.  Also, below is the first harvested field I have seen in Montgomery County.  I have not headed south, but I know dairy farmers in bond county are harvesting silage.  Probably 75% of the corn in my area has black layered, but most farmers are delaying harvest to take advantage of natural drying.  With $3 corn, cost control seems to be a good idea, but it needs to be balanced with harvest loss caused by delay.

Early corn along 1-55 at Edwardsville is harvested.  No yield report.  One farmer in St. Clair County reported in the 170's.

Phantom yield loss is something to considered along with stalk condition in deciding when to start harvesting.  The article does some math for you to help you decide.  Phantom yield loss may not be as costly with lower priced corn.
Hauling Old Corn

Montgomery County Harvest started

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