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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Weed Control

I have written several times on fall weed  control.  Early on, I failed to see the value.  With resistant weeds and heavy pressure, fall weed control is making sense to me at this point.  One fall weed control technique is to use fall applied herbicide.  A residual herbicide will not only supress the winter annuals, but i will also give some early spring control.  Use herbicides if you have n ot planned on cover crops.

The second technique of course it to use cover crops.  Weed suppression will last well into the growing season, and I have seen very good results.  You may still be able to get cereal rye seed to sow on fields that are going to soybeans next spring.  If this is your first time to use cover crops, I do not recommend planting corn into cereal rye.  I have one customer who is planning to do so, but he has done a lot of research on the subject before taking the plunge.

No-till Farmer says Weed Control and Soil Health go Hand in Hand.  

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