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Friday, April 28, 2017

New Field Equipment

We bought Ipad Mini 2's to use for guidance in the field.  We are running the IGIS App.  Everything seems to be working well.  Visibility is decent in map mode or blank. Screens are dark with Aerial photography turned on.  Sape Files need to be in a zipped directory to transfer them to the Ipad.    We make the fill transparent and thicken the lines.  Line color does not seem to make a difference.  It is a good tool for sampling and appears to have potential for field mapping as well.  The newer version of IGIS is much nicer than the old version I had tried previously.  I am running the free version.  A $25 subscription is needed for on screen labeling.  I need to touch the screen to see the labels.  The subscription is also needed to export your mapping.

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