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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interesting Red Tractor

It fits in the category of something you don't see every day.  I saw the Cockshutt tractor lined up from a distance at the Broomcorn Festival Parade in Arcola and I thought someone had painted their Oliver red for some reason.  When it came around I found it was not an Oliver.  Then I read this article and found out it was essentially an Oliver painted red.  Cockshutt, a Canadian company had a long relationship with the Oliver Tractor company going back to the Hart-Parr days.


Ed Winkle said...

I am an Oliver man so the Oliver Cockshutt tractors always intrigued me. I pulled against many of them with my Oliver 88. Many of them slipped south of Lake Erie and farmed the local lands. A 55 series in red with a white canopy is a very rare and valued piece. I think they are beautiful.

Dave Rahe said...

It was nicely restored. I have new customer who is president of the local Oliver club and farms 95 acres mostly with Olivers.

Ed Winkle said...

Your blog is quite right, that is an interesting red tractor!

Just had the 1655 Oliver for a stroll and she started spewing antifreeze and a leak on number five which I thought I had fixed!

Ed Winkle