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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal Effects of Governement Shutdown

So how have you been getting along without government services?  I suppose that for both sides, that is the point.  Tea Partiers say we can live without this stuff.  Liberals say, the world cannot function very long without the government.  Personally, the shutdown has hit close to home twice.  First, we are not able to download the latest aerial photographs for our maps. That causes more work for us.

Second, I was called on to be the official scorer today at an FFA sectional Soil Judging contest.  You may recall that I helped out on our local contest a few weeks ago.  That is not unusual.  UDSA-NRCS soil scientists usually cover the sectional contests.  It makes me feel like an enabler to help out and do work that government employees would normally do, but I could not see depriving our students from the learning experience just because the congress is behaving like children. 
One of over 2000 closed local USDA Service Centers.


Edward said...

To bad that the USDA employee did not volunteer his time to help out. :(

Ed Winkle said...

I am glad you helped out, Dave. Soil judging was one of my favorite activities, we all learned so much about what is under our feet!

Me, I agree with the Tea Partiers. We can't afford this stuff.

Dave Rahe said...

It would be illegal for the government employees to volunteer their services. It is not worth getting fired over.

Jason Villegaz said...

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