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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Today I am Judging Conservation Projects at the 4H fair.  Tomorrow, our Pastor is giving his farewell sermon, so I needed an alternative day to spend with my Dad to celebrate Father's Day.  Friday, I took him a card and a small gift.  He asked me if I had time to help him get the John Deere R home from another farm.  He said the starting motor has water in the crankcase and he wants to repair it.  The R is the first diesel made by John Deere.  It has a small gasoline motor to start it.

We had to pull it to start with the John Deere A below.  Both of these tractors were rescued from the scrap heap by my Dad.  The R had a broken gear in the rear end.  Dad ordered a new one from John Deere and it has been running ever since.  Lately it has been used as a log skidder, but really needs new tires for that kind of work.  The A had a cracked engine block.  It was rescued from the farm that is currently Anne Briar Golf Course near Waterloo, IL.  Dad bought a new block for it and my classmates and I overhauled it when I was a senior in high school.  It is currently used as the snowplow tractor for a tenant in an old farm house. 

Dad celebrated his 85th birthday in December.  You can see that he is still active.  I hope everyone enjoys their time with Dad this weekend as much as I did. 
Dad Driving the John Deere R

John Deere R

John Deere A

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