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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update on Brazillian Corn

By Eduardo Paim:

Yesterday I saw that news in the state of ParanĂ¡ and Santa Catarina (Brazil) excessive rain began to damage corn that will be harvested. We will follow up here and see if we can really start talking about decreases for these two states. In Mato Grosso the second corn crop is still undefined. We missed a lot of rain for the development and in late April rains that fell help some, but I do not know how much help. We have little corn sold here in Brazil, certainly when we start harvesting have many offers and this should help keep prices low as to leave the excess of the market. The price of corn here will still be a big surprise, everybody who already expects low prices to rise will be a party! As you say, there is no awe soldier in the trenches, so I always remember!

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