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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Control Weeds after Harvest

We are starting to see some open fields across the landscape.  In the past, you may have seen me question the need for fall applied herbicides to control weeds.  In recent years I have seen the light on the topic so to speak.  I am seeing generally cleaner fields in spring where fall herbicides are applied.

We do need to throw in the cover crop factor.  One thing you should consider in deciding whether or not to use cover crops it the fact they also provide weed control.  I suspect most cover crops will cost more to establish than a herbicide application, but the extra savings may tip the balance in favor of cover crops over herbicides.  Right now, the only common cover crop can still be planted effectively is cereal rye.  If you can still find seed, plant the cereal rye only where you intend to plant soybeans in the spring. 

A Farmweek News article in early September talks about using fall applied herbicide to help control resistant weeds. 

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