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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Farmers Serving Their Country

Since War began, I am sure that farmers have served in the military. One of the interesting observations  by Shelby Foote in Ken Burn's Civil War was the at the end of the war, the soldiers from both sides went home to the farm and returned to their lives by shucking corn and plowing fields, and threshing grain. General Sherman pointed out that the returning veterans had face hardship and death itself and that they approached life fearlessly.

I also think that war may have played a big role in shaping modern farming. Many World War II and Korean War veterans returned from war and used their GI benefits for college education of some sort.  Many farm boys got agriculture degrees and returned to the farm becoming a generation of highly educated farmers and agricultural professionals.  These men became leaders in the farming community and shared their knowledge with friends and neighbors.

We should all thank and remember these veterans for their service to their country and their service to agriculture.

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