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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Home Made Air Seeder

By Glenn Savage - Conservationist and Firearm Safety Instructor

Attached is a photo of my friend cradling a leaf blower fitted with a piece of plumbing I call a "T" fitting.  The fittings are directional.  

One dribbles in seed through the top hole and a powerful stream of air distributes the seed.  My friend helped me plant two acres in less than two hours using the "Seedinator". 

 I confirmed with Justin and Simon of M&M service that they offer "airflow" distribution of seed.  They mix the seed with potash {pelletized} and sling or use booms to distribute it on the surface. 

If you know anyone who needs to seed now or is waiting for spring to plant, encourage them to "do it now!"

The advantages:
  •  ground is frozen so you won't have to wait in the spring for the ground to get firm
  • planting now saves our no-till drills in the spring
  • Air flowing is much faster
  • The seed is layered (conditioned to germinate) naturally

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