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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year of Soil (Urban Life)

My 2015 Soil Planner has information about soils supporting urban life.  I once had the privileged of listen to Dr. Francis Hole speak and entertain on the subject of soil.  Dr. Hole's definition of soil is - "Soils is what we walk on."  That is one of the things I think of when I think of urban soils. He said that all surfaces imitate soil in some way.  One of  his examples was that a carpet imitates a lawn.  Another was that a sidewalk imitates a caliche soil.  Urban soils tend to be churned up and disturbed by human activity. Even when we use soil to support our human activity, it is still key to our lives.

The calender also mentions urban farming.  The term urban farming is gaining popular support.  While I don't believe that cities will feed themselves with urban farming, I applaud the effort.  growing things is therapeutic.  Some people like pets, I prefer plants.  I have been planting garden since I was an 8 year old 4-Her.  Growing food calms the nerves and gives a sense of accomplishment.  Not to mention the enjoyment of fresh vegetables.  There are no vine ripened tomatoes in the store.  You may find them in a roadside stand, but nothing beats growing them your self.  Continue to enjoy the year of soil. 

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