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Monday, April 27, 2015

Behind on Corn Planting?

It depends on where you are.  We have clients north of Springfield who are done planting corn.  We have clients in Hillsboro area who have not started.  Last week West Alton area was about 40% done.  The good news is that rainfall totals were low in our area over the weekend.  I expect to see planters in the field today.  Most of the corn will be planted in West Alton area by the end of the week.  Soil moisture is mostly ideal except for a few low areas.  The weather forecast is dry for the week.  We are looking forward to that.

Soils are not warm, but we have found that cold soils do not mean you will replant.  Cold will slow emergence and growth, but that is not usually a problem.  Heavy rains after planting are not good.   Research has shown that it would be a good idea to leave the planter in the shed the day before a big rain.  This Prairie Farmer Article catches you up on corn planting issues.

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