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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Produce Growing near Williamsville

We  have a client north of Springfield who started a produce growing business several years ago.  The business has grown each year and made improvements each year.  Most of what they grow is grown in raised beds with grass strips in between.  the grass strips provide a path for harvest and working that prevents compaction where the actual crops are grown.  What caught my eye the most was the irrigation rig they use for top watering.  The booms are mounted on a little wagon and can be controlled individually.  A small solar powered irrigation hose reel usually used for a small travelling gun pulls the rig down the rows.  This top watering method is only used to start growth.  They also have more efficient drip irrigation installed in the beds.  Over 40 crops are grown on the produce part of the operation.  Hanging baskets are also available.  If you want to support them, Look for the Wolf Creek Farms label.  Also, Check out what the Illinois Stewardship Alliance has to say about the operation.  Check them out on Facebook.

Raised Beds

Irrigation Rig

Solar powered hose reel. 

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