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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Water Does Weird Things

In 1993 the Meramec River Guage near the mouth of the river along the Mississippi read 45.3 when levees of the Columbia Levee District overtopped.  This year the Meramec River topped out at 47.2 which was worriesome to me.  However, the Stage of the Mississippi was somewhat lower than 1993 and was able to absorb the water.  We did move antique tractors and tools to a safer location over this bridge the past two days.  I am glad we moved but even more glad that it looks like we did not need to.  Lots can still go wrong, but one hazard .

You have seen the I-55 bridge over the Meramec River was closed because of high water.  I would guess that if you ever crossed that bridge at normal water levels, you would not believe that water could close down that bridge.  It sits high above the river.

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