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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Report on Brazilian Soybean Harvest

By Eduardo Paim:

 I'm taking time to post comments because we are going through moments that are not yet defined as to how  extensive, but we have to problems with soybean harvest and the production will be reduced. What I have to say is that professionals are confirming the production curtailments in northern Mato Grosso, the states of Bahia, Tocantins, Maranhao and Piaui. These have not had rain between soybean planting and flower time, birth pod and grain filling had little rainfall and intense heat. In northern Mato Grosso parts of farms are not harvested because the soybean crop that was in not paying the Diesel machine. breaks range from 20% to 60% of some farms. In the states of Parana, Mato Grosso do Sul state had a lot of rain at harvest and a lot of soybeans harvested with breakdowns (rotten). In the south of Mato Grosso we are having a normal soybean harvest. It is still uncertain about the soybean production break in Brazil, but certainly any production above 100 million tons is no exaggeration! The weather is good for planting corn second crop (off-season), many northern producers of Mato Grosso decided to increase corn acreage to try to reduce the losses of the soybean crop that was bad, all going well, we have a lot of corn here.

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