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Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad

I went to see my Dad yesterday.  His 88th birthday is Sunday and with dicey winter weather in the forecast for later in the week, yesterday was the day to take his gift.  Dad is in good health both mentally and physically.  He was proud to have passed his annual driver's test. He lives in town, but his mobility is important to him because he goes to see Mom in the nursing home almost every day and then drives out to the farm to putter about.  Dad has always been a fan of 2 cylinder John Deere's.  Grandpa bought  a Model AR in 1941 and that tractor is still on the farm.  The one below is a Model A that was built in 1937 or 38.  It was given to him with a broken pedestal.  He welded and braced the pedestal and at some point a year or 2 later we put in new rings and painted it.  The loader was built by a neighbor.  The tractor still runs and it starts by cranking the flywheel.  Dad is still better than anyone at starting it.

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