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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Should You use Starter Fertilizer?

I have this discussion with clients regularly.  They want to know if they should use starter fertilizer. They have tried starter and it looks like the corn is getting head start on corn without starter.  The question is and always has been whether or not pretty corn means more money.  I have seen studies on both sides of the issue.  A recent study out of Minnesota Finds that In-Furrow Starter Fertilizer May Not Pay Off. They found what I have seen often in starter fertilizer studies.  It helps sometimes under very specific circumstances.  One of those circumstances is where soil test P levels are very low.  In most other circumstances, the extra green in the spring just pays for itself or costs money.  Another consderation in my opinion is whether or not the producer has the time to mess with starter.  I have seen that those who mess with starter can get a payoff in maintaining over all fertility.  If it works on your operation, go for it, but if not, don't sweat it

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