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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I don't usually go out just to look for blog material, but today I did. The first sign of harvest was some silage being chopped on late planted corn. Silage is harvested at high moisture and is great feed for cattle and dairy.

This is the first field I spotted with combines going. They were just finishing end rows. It looked like it might have fairly high moisture. Over 16% moisture needs to be dried. Most farmsteads I passed had combines out of the shed being made ready for harvest, but the corn harvested or being harvested was very scattered. One farmer overheard in the cafe said his corn was about 25% moisture and he is waiting till it gets around 20 to begin harvest. Dry weather in the forecast should speed up the drying.

No waiting at the elevator.

Over 100 acres done in this field. They just needed to finish hauling it away.

Maybe 20% of the soybeans I saw were this far along. Just turning yellow.

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