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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is CCA?

Short answer - Certified Crop advisor. But what does that mean? It means that someone cared enough about demonstrating their professional competence to get experience in their chosen field and then pass 2 exams that are a comprehensive look at their competence. CCA's also care enough to continue their education and get constant updates in new ideas and technology every 2 years to the tune of at least 40 hours. No degree is required for a CCA, but education and experience are combined to determine qualifications. Similar certifications which do require a degree are Certified Professional Independent Crop Consultant, Certified Professional Agronomist, and Certified Professional Soil Scientist. There are 12687 CCA's, 632 CPAg's, and 947 CPSS's along with 173 Certified Soil Classifiers which is a specialized soil scientist. All of the certifications demonstrate professional competence and should indicate that the individual has the education and experience to provide professional services to Farmers and others. Some states also provide certain professional certifications. I am a CCA, CPSS, and an Illinois Soil Classifiers Association CPSC. The reason for so many certifications is that some of them are written into certain regulations and I want to be covered on all accounts.

Certified Professionals also subscribe to a code of ethics that says they will always give honest advice. They also promise not to give advice on things where they are not competent.

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