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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Corn Planting Progress

Corn is emerging
I had to work on office work today, but I did take time to go out and see what is going on around Montgomery County.  I was expecting to find corn emerging, but I did not find it where I expected to.  The above field is about halfway between Raymond and Nokomis.  Yes I also saw planters in the field and planted fields.  I could see a lot of dust flying in the distance just as in this photo.  I also saw fields where planting is complete.  Judging from what I saw yesterday and today, I expect the Illinois Crop report on Monday to show at least 10-15% of corn planted.  If the weather holds through the first week of April, Illinois will have at least half it's corn crop planted.  Emerson Nafziger says there is no advantage to planting between planting the last week of March or the last week of April.  Chances of frost are still not past, but I suppose the chances of damage get less and less every day. 

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