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Friday, February 1, 2013

Brazilian Producers are not happy about Monsanto agreement

 Last week Monsanto announced that they and Grower Associations Announced Agreement that Supports Introduction of Future Soybean Technologies for Brazil, and Provides a Mechanism to Resolve Disputes on Roundup Ready 1.
Eduardo Paim said on January 29 that "Yesterday, in a speech in my hometown of Rondon├│polis, was announced by the organizations to support producers in the state of Mato Grosso that producers should not accept the agreement of MONSANTO, if they adhere to accept According Monsanto will continue to be charged royalties RR varieties intact."
"MONSANTO wants to be valid in Brazil, U.S. standards, to accept the renewal after the patent expired (valid 20 years), after winning the patent holder can go redo the record, in Brazil the patent is valid from 1 record and can not be renewed."
"By the time the judges in Brazil sent the deposit of the amount of royalties in a bank account after the tribunal will judge who gets this money, if it will be Monsanto or producers.
There are actions against Monsanto in two states of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso. Other states have done According to Monsanto (without the consent of the majority of producers), the agreement is: MONSANTO not collect royalties from now and the producers do not come with actions to the judge determines that the return value of Monsanto royalties were paid from 2010 (when the patent expired in Brazil), Mato Grosso has not accepted! The farmers here are very angry with the rulers of the states that have accepted the agreement because Monsanto was able to make a deal with the government, but the government has not asked the producers if they accepted the agreement."

"For the new variety Intacta RR has not yet entered the market because of China has not agreed to receive the grains of this variety of royalty charges will be as follows: (if no change) £ 115.00 per ha or value of 7 5% (in local currency coin) is charging about $ 20.00 / 22.00 per ha in Brazil. Let's see if the judges will rule in Brazil to gain Monsanto, producers of Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul. "

Today the state of Mato Grosso begins to make the payment of royalties in an account that MONSANTO Judge informaou is to then determine who gets the money, producers or MONSANTO.

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