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Friday, February 22, 2013

Grocery Shopping

Earlier this week I went grocery shopping in one of the "upscale" chains in the St. Louis area.   They carry a special product that we like, so when I am in the area, I stop in.  I am fascinated by the number and variety of Organic Products they carry.  While I don't walk all the aisles, If I need something other than what I am there for I will often buy it there.   I have found that their meat prices are outrageous.  I am not sure why except that this week most of the fresh meat was marked "Gluten Free".  Are they getting a premium because their meat is "gluten free"?  Don't the consumers know that all meat is gluten free unless it has fillers?  Looks like an unscrupulous retail gimmick to me or is it just caveat emptor

I also find prices on organic stuff to be simply outrageous.  $4 a pound for apples??

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