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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harvest Weather Improves in Brazil

By Eduardo Paim:
Here in Brazil the weather is good to harvest and have a lot of sun. We are no longer having problems with soy rotting in the fields. Certainly Brazil will have reduced production but the government of our country has not said anything! But you can expect that we will have less soy than the world is waiting for!
In Argentina the preudicou is dry enough and the reduction in production will be about 15%. I imagine that in Brazil the reduction in production is at least 10% overall.  We still do not have a winter maize area with heavy rainfall atraplhou soybean harvest and planting corn, now companies are delaying the delivery of seeds for planting corn proutores! The amount of acreage of winter maize should not be different from last year because many things have damaged the expected increase.

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