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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do You Think You Ran Out of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is the most difficult nutrient to mange because of it's volatility.  Weather ill throw you off  We can tell you how much nitrogen you have during the growing season.  We can  tell you how much nitrogen your soil has the potential to supply. We can't tell you how much rain you will get. So in theend, how do you know how you did with nitrogen management.

You can use the late season stalk nitrate test.  15 to 20 stalks are collected and tested make your first cut at 6 inches. then cut off the bottom eight inches of what is left to test. Purdue University has the details. a pre-side-dress nitrate test can be used in conjunction to see if the soil ran out of nitrogen or if there was some other issue.  The idea is that if we know we made a bad decision, we hope to do better next time.

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