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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southern Illinois Crop Condition

I took a road trip to Carbondale yesterday.  There are still many fields that look very good, but some not looking so good.  The photos blow, sum it up.  I saw worse looking fields, but not where I could stop.  Some of the corn I saw will exceed 250 bushels per acre.  Some will not make 100.  I saw some corn in bad spots that has reached maturity.  Ears were dropped.  For most of the corn, more rain will not add bushels.  

First crop soybeans looked excellent.  Double crop soybeans were  not as consistent.  Some looked very good and some just OK.  Soybeans will likely benefit from more rain, especially the double crops. I am hoping the relatively cool summer will not bring an early frost.  

over all, I would rate both corn and soybeans as good to excellent, but on poorer soils, yields will be disappointing.

Maturing too early near Nashville, IL

Nice looking across the road corn near Nashville, IL

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