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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Texas Bison Herd

On our trip we had the chance to visit Caprock Canyon State Park.  It is part of Palo Duro Canyon.  The escarpment on the west side of the canyon marks the separation of the rolling plains to the east and the very flat high plains to the west.  One of the highlights was that we got to see the Texas Bison Herd. I have visited the park before, but not seen the  herd.  Many say that the Texas Bison herd was preserved by Charles Goodnight, a very famous Texas rancher who founded one of the largest ranches in Texas.  The local tie in is that Goodnight was born on a farm near Gillespie, IL about 20 miles from me.  It is said that his wife Mary encouraged him to preserve bison.  There are about 80 bison in the herd, and some have been sent to Yellowstone, The Badlands, and other bison herds to diversify genetics.  Bison are perfectly adapted to the plains.  I could envision the number of bison increasing to the point where they might again provide us with a significant food source.  To those who worry about cattle contributing to Global Warming, I would point out that the Great Bison Herds have roamed North America for 250,000 years or more.  I am sure their emissions are very similar to our cattle.
Texas Bison

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