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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Corn Harvest slow in Brazil

By Eduardo Paim:

Here in Mato Grosso are still at the end of the harvest of corn, as a rain fell in late July and the nights are cold. Corn was very damp; normally we would have already finalized harvest on August 15. Because the rain fell in July the corn recovered much of its potential production. The average in our state is 100 bags per HA. In late August we also had rain in some cities in northern Mato Grosso and southern chovel yesterday. We have more rain forecast for this week, now RondonĂ³polis (my town) had a well-laden sky. What leaves us very amazed is the fact that we have rains in July, August and now in early September. This is not normal; in 30 days the forecasts are fairly good to start planting the next crop of soybeans. I believe that if it continues we will have a good harvest! 

We have corn left here, the government tries to help subisidiar producers, but we still have a lot of inventory. Soy is already available in the end, are reducing the multi crushing capacity to pass the year and not paying a high price for a bit of soy, it seems that those who sold soybeans hit. Every day the price drops a few cents. 

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