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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Will GMO Crops Feed The World?

National Geographic asks the question above in their latest issue.  It is a good question to ask.  I think all farmers need to push the envelope in order to get the most out of their land. In our highly productive soils in the United States, GM crops help us produce more with less pesticide use.  The article delves in to the notion that third world farmer cannot afford the seed. I'm sure that is an issue with subsistence farmers.

While National Geographic does not use any alarmist language concerning GMO, they give a lot of ink to organic production too. I have no argument with orgiastic such, we need to do a better job of recycling nutrients.  One issue we leave out is that there is always a net loss of nutrients no matter how efficient we are in organic production. The other problem is that we ship the nutrients long distance when we distribute the food, but nobody wants to pay to get the nutrients back to the field.

The reason I call these articles in the populr press to your attention is that I believe those of us involved in  food production need to know what is being said about our livelihood.

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