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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting Ready for Spring Sampling

The time came to replace my old Dodge Truck.  The red truck had 249,000 miles on it.  Last fall it broke down and left me without  a work vehicle for 6 days.  Shopping on line and in the newspaper I spotted the white truck which looked to be a good deal.  At the end of January at my wife's urging we went to look at the truck and decided to buy it.  After getting it home, I found warranty issues and so back to the dealer it went.  I used the old truck in the meantime to do a septic investigation.  All the equipment was on the old one.

My wife said we needed running boards, so while it was in the shop, it got running boards.  The warranty repair was made promptly and to my satisfaction.  The old truck was parked in the driveway  with a for sale sign in the window.  I was able to clean out the interior before it was sold, but the toolbox still had tools in it.  The young man who bought it helped me put the stuff in my garage.  Then it was off to get a toolbox and mount it.  Last Tuesday, I used the new truck for work for the first time.  Even so, I wanted a bed mat to minimize scratches.  I finally got the bed mat installed, so it was time to load the 4 wheeler.  I found that the tie down points were in the wrong place, so I moved them.   Yesterday, I went through all the stuff in the cab hoping to consolidate some and throw some away.  I found broken equipment and repaired it.  I found little to throw away.  Most of the stuff I carry I  have needed at one time or another.  

It is still a month off, but I am hoping I am ready for the spring sampling season.  If I put on the usual 18,000 miles per year, and the truck lasts for 249,000 miles, I will have that truck for a long time.
Old Truck

New Truck

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