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Monday, July 25, 2011

Biofuels Demonstration.

By Randy Darr, President of SoilRight Consulting Services

With our unique position of being independent consultants, we have the freedom to be involved in some things that may be considered a little off the beaten path. Currently at our office we have two demonstration plots with one being in conjunction with the University of Illinois. One that we planted three years ago is a demonstration of Eastern Gamma Grass. The other that is with the U of I is tropical maize. Both crops are intended to be used as biomass crops, in which fuel can be produced from them.

Eastern Gamma Grass may not be an adequate source as a biofuel crop, however, it can be an excellent hay crop. The tropical maize is thought to be a duel crop in that the corn can be used for livestock feed and then the stalks can be used as a fuel crop. This tropical maize was planted May 30. The pictures show how tall the tropical maize gets and how thick the Gamma grass becomes. Other research suggests that the tropical maize will produce 150 bushels of corn per acre. If you have the reason to be in the area, please feel free to stop and take a look.

Eastern Gamma Grass

Tropical Maize

Eastern Gamma Grass and Tropical Maize

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