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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeding the world

When I was a college student, one of the themes was "Agronomy Feeds the World".  The "Green Revolution" was taking hold in less developed parts of the world and some of those countries were becoming self sufficient in food.  After about a 40 year lull in that theme we are hearing it more often again.  The latest issue of National Geographic has an review on How to feed a growing planet.  Some of the review may offend animal agriculture growers because it calls for using more vegetable protein.  Unfortunately soy protein just does not have the taste and texture of meat.  Another consideration in continuing to eat meat is that grazing animals eat stuff that we cannot from land where we cannot grow food crops.  This chart on food waste is interesting.  We definitely need to find ways to preserve fresh food in storage and transportation.  We grow more than enough food, but we waste way too much for various and sundry reasons.  The other point made in the review is that we need more research to increase yields and maybe even develop new crops.  I find this viewpoint to be supportable.

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