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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Range Forecast looking backward

During sampling season, I have a difficult time keeping up on all my reading, even when my weeks are interrupted by rain.  The April 4 Farmweek News has an article in it about the long range forecast for spring.  The forecast predicted that April would have above average rainfall and below average temperatures making early planting difficult.  Good job NWS Climate prediction center.


farmnwife said...

You take samples all summer? I thought most of it was done after the crop was harvested.

Dave Rahe said...

We do 2/3 of our sampling in the spring/summer. Our spring customers wan their recomendations in August so they can lock in fall fertilizer prices. Most of them spread lime and dry fertilizer in the fall right behind the combine and incorporate with their chisel plow. Fall sampling puts them behind in what they want to get done.