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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Palmyra - Carlinville

I think I sampled my last 2 fields this morning.  I have been waiting to make sure they were not taking prevented planting.  One of the fields was planted.  The other was being planted as I sampled it.  There is one field between Hillsboro and Litchfield that was still unplanted this morning.  We missed most of the rain forecast for the weekend so we are starting to look "normal".  Soil moisture was still very moist to moist.  another week of dry weather will be OK for now.  The dryer weather is taking some of the yellow out of crops, but low spots have lost too much nitrogen to recover.  There has been some flooding in creek bottoms and some of that corn is just dead.  If water gets into the whorl of the corn plant, it likely will not make anything.  The corn can take fairly deep water if it does not get into the whorl and if the water gets off in 48 hours or less. 

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