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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese Beetle

I found my first adult Japanese Beetle today.  I think it was still underground because it was in my sample bucket, but I can't be sure. 

This week's weather and crop report says that 95% of soybeans are planted in West Southwest Illinois.   That is consistant with what I have seen, although most of the soybeans will be planted by tomorrow.  I did see a planter running in a large field today.  Almost all the corn is emerged.  Average height in WSW is reported at 19 inches.  I am not sure how you would even report that since some is 3 feet and some is 3 inches.  48% statewide are reporting short topsoil moisture.  That is not a good sign at this time of year. 

We had some overnight rainfall, but it was streaky.  It would follow the frontal line, but there were lots of gaps.  We had no problem finding places to work today, but some land left to sample was very wet.  I worked in the Illinois River bottoms near Hardin and then back to Kemper.  No rain to report in those areas, but topsoil moisture was adequate. 

Wheat is ripening quickly.  I have not bite tested any yet, but I expect harvest to start next week. 

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