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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weather Crop Report This Week

Getting the weather and crop report is a highlight of Monday although I am prone to dispute certain numbers.  This week is no different.  West Southwest (My Area) shows 95% of corn planted.  That may be a little high, but that is a moot point because corn planting should be done in our area by Wednesday except for some individual cases of machinery issues.  It says 44% of soybeans are planted.  Again that seems high.  We are ahead of the 5 year average on corn, but finishing corn by say May 16 puts most people in the ideal planting date range, so we may be ahead of where we have been, but we are right where we want to be.  Temperature and precipitation are close to average for the month so far.

We worked in the Staunton area today.  Some corn was still being planted; some soybeans were being planted.  It was a good day for spraying too.  Soil is still a little more wet than ideal, but fields planted the last 2 days did not look too bad. 

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