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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Rains

Rain in the forecast was welcome in some parts even close to me.  It was very streaky.  You will need to get out your map to follow this little commentary.  Leaving Hillsboro I headed for Shipman this morning, there was little evidence of rain.  There were finally a few puddles at Shipman.  I had in mind to work a bit North of Kemper.  When I got there, it was way too wet.  The field I was planning to work on also had pretty bad hail damage.  I went back South to Medora and a little East to a place called Challacombe.  There was very little evidence of rain.  The topsoil moisture was good to maybe a bit excessive despite no rain for 2 weeks.  I went to Rockbridge and then Reeder to see what it was like where I need to work tomorrow.   It was dry enough at Reeder.  Rockbridge was pretty wet, but should firm up.  I finished 2 miles south of Fidelity.  Topsoil moisture was adequate for now.

Weather and Crop Report says 99% of corn is planted in our area (WSW).  I know of some yet to be planted, but that must be the 1%. 

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